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EXHIBITOR: Hope Technology //

HOPE, as a company has now worked at the leading edge of engineering technology since 1989. Ian Weatherill and Simon Sharp, 2 Rolls Royce aerospace engineers decided that the brakes on their newly discovered mountain bikes weren't up to scratch when compared to those on the motorbikes that they were used to riding. A mechanical brake was produced and a hub to attach it to, and that, as they say is where the story started.
Now, 25 years on, we employ 100 people (several of whom started out at the beginning) to run 52 CNC machines, 24 hours a day. The whole range of components are produced in house. The design team use their extensive knowledge and skills on the latest computer aided design software to create the drawings that are then turned into the finished parts.
Everything is made in the Barnoldswick Factory (with the exception of electronics in the lights, rubber seals, pad material, hose and bearings) right down to the connectors, shims, pawls and other small parts that go into making the finished piece.
As an ISO 9001 approved company - we work to the highest standards. Not only in manufacturing, but also in the constant investment in training, machines and most importantly - in people. Quality in manufacturing relies upon the expertise of the people who deliver it's products and services to customers.
With developments in design and production techniques - and the people to utilise them - HOPE is looking forward to many more years of producing world renowned products, cutting edge design and outstanding customer service.

Website: www.hopetech.com

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Hope Technology Brands


The Hoop's range of wheelsets has grown recently to include over 26 different combinations. The whole range of wheels though has one common theme - value, reliability and performance. All the things you want and expect from any product. The customer feedback has been amazing, dealers are happy they don't have to build wheels anymore to get the quality they demand and the media has given rave reviews to the whole range.


Disc brakes and hubs. The things that made Hope famous...
This ever increasing range of some of the most advanced brakes on the market today boasts design, technology and craftsmanship like no other. We cover all genre's of braking - from the new superlight Race X2, through the robust do it all Tech3 E4 and onto the incredible Vented rotor technology of the Tech3 V4.
With the 'EVO' ranges of hubs - again we've got it covered. Multiple axle versions available in the same hub, meaning less to stock but more choice! Also the award winning Pro3 straight pull hubs with the amazing machine work that build into our big selling Hoop Wheelset.

Hope Shifter

Hope Shifter is a specially formulated bike wash primarily developed in order not to harm or affect
anodising and brake performance. This is a cleaning product for a purpose and it does exactly what
it says!


Another product born from the frustration of using inferior products that just don't cut it! The Vision range has developed into another complete range of products - covering all aspects of night riding, with a range topping 4 LED 1000 lumen output light.

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