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EXHIBITOR: Ison Distribution //

Known simply as "ID" in many circles, Ison Distribution has served the UK IBD sector with top-end products and tools/service lines. Universally renowned for offering solutions to trade headaches, Ison now offers serious dealers a whole lot more than just another supplier to order from.

Our B2B online website to give you ordering access anytime. We are continually improving the site to make ordering easier.
(We also have a B2C facing window for consumers to see products and locate dealers, so now, you and your customers can check products 24 hours a day.)

With strong market leading brands, such as; Halo wheels, MRP Chain devices, Renthal Cycle Products, ODI grips, Dia Compe brakes, TSG Safety Gear, Rohloff hubs, Identiti frames, Gusset components, Surly frames and more, Ison Distribution continues to generate huge pull through business for dealers that carry our brands.

In addition to our specialist product areas, Ison Distribution is expanding it's selection of order filling everyday products to ensure that you can not only service the specialist rider... but that you can also easily surpass our carriage free thresholds - ultimately making your business more profitable.

For 2015 Ison will be adding many exciting new products to the existing ranges and will be debuting a few new brands at Core Bike.

Some notable highlights are the brand new Extra Wide Carbon Road Disc and MTB ranges from Halo Wheels.

Ison Distribution continues to strengthen it's position as one of the key suppliers to the specialist IBD sector.

Owners and key staff from Ison will be at the show, along with various managers and owners from our leading brands... giving you the option to discuss any ideas you may have with people that really matter.

Core Bike is much more than just a trade show... and Ison is much more than just "another supplier"... so why not make time at Core Bike to talk to Ison about becoming more than just "another bicycle dealer" for cyclists in your area...

Website: www.ison-distribution.com/

Find Ison Distribution at corebike in TBC

Ison Distribution Brands


4-Jeri is a high value for money, functional range of BMX and MTB products.

The design is not usually groundbreaking, but, for riders that need functional products at affordable prices, then 4-jeri products offer outstanding value.

For reliable items such as 3pce Cr-Mo cranks, Alloy platform pedals, chain adjusters, Cr-Mo stunt pegs, BMX coloured chains etc... 4-Jeri is a great option.

NB: Due to the limitations of space and time, products from this particular range will not physically be on show on the Core 2015 event, further details are available in our literature and can be found on our B2B website.


New this Cross Season is the Macho Man Disc. Perfect for bum trails, short cuts, long cuts, wet weather and general on-road/off-road radness. At least that’s how Jeff at All-City puts it.

Macho Man Disc
The Macho Man Disc builds on the already great Macho Man and adds Hayes CX discs, internal Cable routing and a killer orange and white pant job. Completing the spec is Shimano 105 shifters and gears with a Salsa Pro Moto stem, Cow Bell Handlebars and Kenda Small Block Eight 700 x 35mm tyres providing quality contact point between the rider and the trail.

The SCX (Singlespeed CX) Nature Boy gets a fantastic Purple Metallic paint job and the same updated bars, stem and tyres as the Macho Man Disc. The Macho Man and the Space Horse bikes remain the same with minor updates. The Big Block frameset has a new Silver to White fade paintjob and there’s no change to the Thunderdome.


Banshee Bikes

Banshee bikes is in its third season with Ison and for 2015 we see the launch of the new Phantom 105mm travel 29 trail bike and Darkside 180mm travel downhill, bike that accepts 26 and 27.5 wheel sizes.

Come see these bikes on display, the rest of the range and us in January at Corebike.


Diatech/Dia Compe

The number 1 BMX brake brand offers more than just the best in BMX; their range of coloured Gran Compe products have become much sought-after items for fixed gear and road afficionados. The range includes hubs, cranks, grips, saddles, saddlebags, headsets, wheels and more!

Dia Compe have also launched a classic range of products under the ENE Ciclo sub-brand, which includes many items for the Retro-bike style seekers. The superb ENE Ciclo lugged touring frame is now in stock and ready to rock.

Road riders aren't forgotten either with a large selection of hooded levers, std. brake calipers, levers and spares with something to suit everyone.

Several new items for 2015 will be on display.

Duck Smart

First choice for, bike cleaner and jet washer cleaning. All brewed and bottled right here in the UK.

Ph neutral so won't damage your bike or the environment!

All with our legendary fragrance - as well as being gleamingly clean your bike will smell amazing too!

Try our unique Spray or Foam nozzles.

Clean, shine, protect and bling with Earth Mover, Bike Ezee, Mud Slider, Bullitt Silicone Spray and more!

Come along to Core and see (smell) for yourself.




UK made quality brake blocks and disc pads, plus an extremely keenly priced range of cables for retail and workshops.

Fibrax offer one of the widest ranges of Disc pads in the industry... and Ison carry stock of virtually every model, so, let Ison and Fibrax solve your disc brake pad headaches... simply order what you need with your regular Ison order.
Ison also carry a select range of Xtrax workshop and aftermarket brake pads from Fibrax, which offer outstanding value for money and margins.


NB: Due to the limitations of space and time, products from this particular range will not physically be on show on the Core 2015 event, further details are available in our literature and can be found on our B2B website.


Changing the Cycle of Evolution

Genetic continue to expand their range of lightweight products and offer high quality, performance components, engineered by some of the World's leading manufacturers.
The lineup includes handlebars, stems, seatposts, headsets, pedals, saddles, brakes and other hardware, all supplied in smart, distinctive and consistent packaging.

Excellent product reviews by leading specialist magazines and websites and are backed up by support advertising to ensure that consumer recognition and demand for the brand continues to grow.

New products include four new styles of aluminium dropped handlebar: Race, Flare, Digest (off-road/wide-flare) and Zygote (multi-position touring/trekking bar) to go with the already popular Creed road/sportive bar. To complement their handlebars, over 20 different handlebar tapes are offered by Genetic, with different colours, levels of grip and cushioning.

Numerous ‘Retro’ products are available, including the Clubman and Heritage, classic styled chainsets. You can also find vintage look track pedals, toeclips, straps, quill stems, 1” threaded headsets and period seatposts.

Genetic also offer some more unusual products with added performance features – such as the multi-offset Carbon Slider seat post, Monocoque Carbon saddle with soft carbon area, and the very popular Carbon Micro Fender.



Adrenalin Inspired Hardware.

Gusset continues to produce quality components...

BMX/MTB market leading products in an array of fashionable colours. Quality performance parts are the staple items in today's Gusset range.

Gusset products are endorsed by some of the best riders around - Sam Pilgrim (2013 FMB World Tour Champion), Chris Smith, Blake Samson, Joey Gough (2012 World Champion BMX) etc... proof that the products perform at the highest level.



One of THE best selling MTB rim/wheel/tyre brands in the UK.

Halo offers wheel solutions for any bicycle vices... Road, XC, Trail, AM, Urban, DH, DJ, 4X, Fixed Gear or BMX.

The Halo range continues to grow and many new items have been added to the range for 2015 including: Ultra-wide disc-ready carbon road rims & wheels as well as Fat bike rims, wheels and tyres.

The list of new products goes on. So come along to Core and see highlights of our extensive Halo range on display.

With huge marketing support and review winning specifications, the UK's top dealers stock and sell Halo products.



I.D. parts continue to be the solvers of many a bikeshops' headaches.
If you find yourself thinking where can I get that "thingamajig" bolt etc...then we may well have it!
Spacers, bolts, bearings, shims, adaptors, etc, etc...and some lovely chain ring bolts in a rainbow of colours - dress up your cranks!

NB: Due to the limitations of space and time, products from this particular range will not physically be on show on the Core 2015 event, further details are available in our literature and can be found on our B2B website.



Identiti bikes are renowned for providing top level high performance hardtail frames in the aggressive Mountain bike sectors. The Identiti Krisis frames will have probably attained more UK podium 4X results than any other brand.

In 2012 Identiti rolled their established expertise over into BMX racing and immediately attained a WC #1 plate with Joey Gough. In just 2 seasons - Identiti became the recognised leader in UK BMX racing, and attained World class status.


Light Blue

2015 will see Light Blue launch a range of contemporary steel framed sports bikes to add to their Kings and Trinity ‘retro’ bikes and city bikes.

The Light Blue were first produced in 1895 by John Albert Townsend in Cambridge and is an exclusive brand with over 100 years of heritage that deserves consideration in the finest IBDs.

John Albert’s handmade bikes were popular with the Town & Gown of what is now often referred to as Cycle City. The Light Blue bicycle brand name came from the historic sporting colours used by the World famous Cambridge University. The rivalry between The Light Blue colours of Cambridge and the Dark Blue colours of Oxford are perhaps most famously seen in the annual Boat Race on the river Thames. In 2005, 110 years after they first appeared, The Light Blue Bikes were re-born again, designed in Cambridge by the great grandson of the founder and with the type of attention to detail that four generations of living and breathing bicycles brings.

Designed with an ethos that puts customer satisfaction at the top of the page, the Light Blue bicycles retain traditional style, whilst utilising modern materials and production techniques. With all of our bikes, the ‘Devil is in the detail.’

Light Blue currently offer well specified city bikes (urban) and also finely detailed sports machines.

Their urban bikes continue to sell well and nutted axles, lightweight alloy frames, double wall eyeleted rims, alloy bars, adjustable height quill stems, Dog Leg rear carrier, laminated chrome-plastic mudguards with twin stainless stays, stainless steel spokes, gel saddle with kevlar anti-scuff patches, brake levers with rubber inserts, ergonomic grips, alloy non-slip pedals and anti-puncture tyres are some of features that are standard features on a Light Blue City bike.

This year sees the three new Reynolds tubed bikes added to their Sport range giving Light Blue a full lineup steel machines for the sportive, leisure and touring market. The Wolfson is a fast sportive bike based on a tig welded 853 frameset. The Robinson is built from 725 tubing for light touring, while the Darwin (also 725) is designed for heavier touring, with mountain, road and Rohloff options. Both the Robinson and Darwin feature disc brakes and interchangeable rear ends to allow a variety of build possibilities.

Also new for 2015 is the St Johns, a club/touring bike, which will join the popular Kings and Trinity (fixed) frames/bikes in the ‘Retro’ range. The St Johns is fashioned from 725 tubing, features centre pull brakes, mudguard clearance and eyes.

Light Blue are now looking for serious, professional cycle retailers to become exclusive dealers for this interesting exciting brand of quality bicycles.



MRP, the number one in chain guides, are now firmly establishing themselves in suspension with the new Stage and Loop forks.

The Stage fork recently got 4 out of 5 Stars and a ‘Most Wanted’ Award from MBUK.

Come and speak to MRP at Corebike to see all the latest chain guides, forks and shocks available exclusively through Ison.

Mucky Nutz

Mucky Nutz produce the original and Patent Pending fork mounted mudguard.

They have consistently added to the range and now offer mudguards for Road, CX, Fat bikes and more.

New for 2015 are bright colourways of the popular models.

N-Gear - Jump Stop

A one product brand... this neat little widget is a stainless steel guide plate to eliminate the chain dropping off the inner chainring... a growing issue with the new Freeride style riding...
Available in the 3 main seatube diameters, RRP £ 9.99
Very useful !

NB: Due to the limitations of space and time, products from this particular range will not physically be on show on the Core 2015 event, further details are available in our literature and can be found on our B2B website.



The USA's number one grip manufacturer continues to dominate the grip scene whether it be MTB, BMX or Urban and there will be some very exciting new products for road released in 2015.

The innovative Lock-On grip technology option has taken the DH World by storm, and virtually nothing but ODI can be seen at many races. We all know there are half baked attempts to copy the Lock-On coming in, but riders know the difference and they can afford to buy the real thing... it's as simple as that.
ODI sells, day in and day out...

The brand new AG-1 Lock-On grips will be on show at Core. Aaron Gwin has put his signature on them and had a big part to play in their design and they have turned out amazing! New Lock-On technology and grip pattern plus many more unique features make them the DH grip to go to.

As well as being the originators of the lock-on system ODI have a great range of regular grips and the Longneck ST is THE best-selling BMX grip available. Despite having been around since "Back in the Day" Longneck ST's are still the #1 choice for many riders - now available in even more colours!

Ison carry every model in every size and in every colour... i.e. If ODI make it - Ison stock it...

ODI also have a very nice range of innovative MTB bars with the ground-breaking "Wingtip" system which allows width customisation without having to cut your bars! ODI stems complete your cockpit.


ODI Hudz

ODI Hudz is a range of coloured brake lever covers for road bikes that allow colour customisation as well as improved feel and control.

Made from ODI's proprietary compound material which offers comfort and longevity.

Now you can match your lever hoods with your other components!

Versions available for all popular levers (Shimano, Campag & SRAM) including the best-selling Shimano 105.


Ison’s in house Touring and Commuting parts and accessory line.

Drawn from decades of experience in the bicycle market, Ison have carefully selected and designed an expanding range of great value, full function parts and accessories for the everyday cyclist.

From super soft memory Gel padded saddles, through to custom carrier fitting lamp brackets, Passport has a range of products that are designed to provide the average cyclist with above average performance and quality.

Saddles, Pedals, Multi tools, Grips, Pumps, Grips and more… much more to come...


One of those older products, that actually is still a damn good idea.

In fact there has been a huge resurgence due to the fashionable fixed gear market recognising Powergrips are still the best choice.

Perfect for those who would like the power advantages of toeclips but don't want to be 'caught' in them, or have to buy expensive 'clipless' pedals and special cycling shoes to clip-in with.

A Fixed Gear specific version is now available with a new fixing kit.

These exclusive straps offer toe-clip function with easy release and no special shoes or cleats required. (Great for commuters...).
Last, several serious competition riders use Powergrips in the winter, and they don't freeze or clog-up with snow & ice.
If you understand the reason that they are still being produced, so will your customers, and you'll sell them.

New Fat Straps available in bright colours!

NB: Due to the limitations of space and time, products from this particular range will not physically be on show on the Core 2015 event, further details are available in our literature and can be found on our B2B website.


Problem Solvers

Solving problems one bike at a time
At Problem Solvers(TM) our goal is to provide the best range of high quality and high function bicycle parts that provide solutions for compatibility issues, address market trends and provide options for custom bike builds. We want to be THE brand that bike dealers and savvy bikers think of when they run into a challenging bike build or component change.

Want to run two brakes with one lever? Problem Solved!

Want to convert centrelock hubs to 6-bolt? Problem Solved!

And many more problems solved!!!

NB: Due to the limitations of space and time, products from this particular range will not physically be on show on the Core 2015 event, further details are available in our literature and can be found on our B2B website.


Purple Harry

Distinctive and innovative cycle care brand Purple Harry is now be available from Ison Distribution.

Formed in 2010, Purple Harry are best known for their original and unique Bike Floss, a simple bike cleaning product that can be used to clean all those difficult to get to nooks and crannies of the bike.

Since launching Bike Floss, they have steadily added to their range with, high quality and effective Cleaner/Degreaser, Bike Maintenance Spray, Frame Polish, Helmet and Glove Sanitiser, Wet and Dry Chain Lubes. They have also introduced a Wash and Polish Mitt and a special bike cleaning Super Sponge. Products are made in Britain and sprays are non-aerosol, giving value for money using pump action triggers.

Purple Harry are primarily a road brand and are official cleaning product suppliers to the Tour of Britain, the Tour Series and the Women’s Tour. 2015 will once again see them supporting successful domestic road team, Starley-Primal. In addition they have sponsored the ‘Hot Chillee Ride Captains’ in events such as Alpine Challenge, London to Paris and the Cape Rouleur.

Also, Olympic and Commonwealth Triathlon Champions, the Brownlee Brothers, use and are Brand Ambassadors for Purple Harry. Indeed they have been so impressed with the products; they have even invested in the business.

As well as their bike care products, Purple Harry have just launched a range of Rider Care products including Muscle Warming Cream, a Muscle Cooling Gel and an Anti Chafing Chamois Cream, all in convenient dispensers.



The World leaders in Motocross Handlebar Technology continue to produced a fantastic range of cycle products.

Chainrings, handlebars, grips and stems are the core of the Renthal cycle range.

Using their extensive experience and knowledge Renthal have produced high-quality parts that re-define the term "desirable"!

You only have to look at World Cup events to see how many top pro riders choose Renthal Gold.

Their Fatbars have become THE bar to have for many types of riding and their Integra direct mount stem can be seen on many Pro DH set-ups.

The new Carbon Fatbars have continued the Renthal tradition of "must-have" quality parts.

The unique Apex all-mountain stems were released late 2014 and have quickly become firm favourites amongst Enduro, Trail, XC and DH riders.

Carbon Fatbar Lites continued this trend and have become THE bar for Trail/XC/Enduro riders.

2015 - just you wait and see what Renthal are going to bring to the table! There may well be some very exciting new products to be seen at Core Bike!

Using the very same manufacturing processes and materials that have propelled them to the heights of MX legendary status, you can be sure that Renthal's cycle products will perform!

Ison are the sole authorised UK distributors for Renthal cycle products.



Staff from Rohloff will be at Core Bike to answer questions and show you why Rohloff is simply the finest transmission you can buy.

The Rohloff Speedhub has become the benchmark by which all other internal-geared hubs are judged.

Try one and it's easy to see why so many cyclists love them.
Ease of use, minimal maintenence as well as outstanding performance.

New for 2015 is the Speedhub XL, a revised Speedhub designed specifically for fat bikes.

Have a look on the web at how many round-the-world and adventure cyclists choose Rohloff for their epic journeys - they trust them...so can you!



Ison Distribution are now offering an expanded range of selected and essential KEY Schwalbe tyres for XC, DH, BMX, Jump, CX Touring and Road Race.

Jumbo Jim fat bike tyres have set the market buzzing!

Their Pro-Core System looks set to revolutionise the DH race market.

Thier ONE tyres are the fastest rolling road race tyres that they've ever produced.

From basic replacement tyres though to super high technology competition tyres, Ison Distribution have Schwalbe tyres covered.


Skullys are ultra-cool led lights that fix easily to virtually anywhere on your bike and helmet! Skull shaped with two ultra-wideangle leds that give 29999mcd brightness for eyes. 100hrs battery life (easily replaceable watch type). Be safe, Be seen, Be cool!

SP Dynamo

SP is an innovative company devoted to creating and producing new and cutting edge products for the enthusiast bicycle market. Our team is composed of highly trained and experienced engineers from the optical and electronics industries developing and producing useful, green, user friendly and technically advanced products for likeminded consumers.

Ultra Small Dynamo hub
SP Dynamo SD, SV and PD, PV series are some of the World’s smallest and lightest hub Dynamos, and also some of the most efficient at converting cyclists’ efforts into electrical energy.

Enlighten yourself further at Core 2015.


Which brand of BMX detangler is on pretty much every bike ?
So... why not offer the original cables...
SST cables are display packaged with relatively easy to understand sizes.
We NOW also offer braided finish cables as well as black, and the New fashionable Twin Pull lowers.

NB: Due to the limitations of space and time, products from this particular range will not physically be on show on the Core 2015 event, further details are available in our literature and can be found on our B2B website.


Sturmey Archer

Henry Sturmey, a journalist and an engineer, James Archer had ideas about the design of a 3 speed hub and this resulted, in 1902, in the world's first patent for a 3 speed internal gear hub.

As a company already carrying the World's premium hub gear for over a decade, Ison are expanding their offering to include a wide selection of the latest Sturmey Archer products.

The KickShift 2speed hubs are the best way to convert your fixie into a more user-friendly 2speed urban machine without cables. Just bolt it in and still use your single chain and you have a freewheeling 2 speed bike! Lightweight and with an rrp of around £70.00 these hubs offer amazing value and performance.

The Fixed/Free 3spd, plus of course, 3,5 and 8speed hubs, cranksets. and common spares.



Based in the modern bicycle industry's manufacturing heartland, Sunrace has been developing since 1972 into a major component supplier for many leading bicycle brands.

Ison distribution will carry a selection of products from the high-end Driven range through to key essential replacement parts.

Great product, great margins...from a rising star.



We’ve got a lot of new stuff for you this go ‘round, like the Straggler, a disc-equipped ‘cross bike which is essentially the Cross-Check with disc brakes and nifty new dropouts.

Also new is the ECR, a camp bike with 29 x 3˝ tires on 50mm rims. ECR has the same rear dropouts and many other features as Troll and Ogre but a geometry all its own. This is the bike for people who want to pack up and take off into the wilds.

We’re also introducing the Instigator 2.0, a redux of a burly hardtail we once offered. The Instigator 2.0 is made for ripping, with 140mm Fox fork, 2.75˝ Dirt Wizard tires on 50mm rims (effectively 27.5˝ diameter) and aggressive geometry. Instigator 2.0 introduces our modular dropout system (MDS). Choose from horizontal rear loading, standard vertical with derailleur hanger or 142 x 12mm thru-axle dropouts. All smart and solid but easy to swap out when you want.

Plus we’ve got new tires and rims and lots of other stuff to drool over; stuff that’s built to perform and to last.



The Market Leader in helmets & protection. TSG have continued to listen to their Pro Riders to produce the best possible protective gear for riding. From the basic Skate/Bmx to the award winning pro series Evolution series, (including the World's Lightest Piss-Pot the Superlight) and the revolutionary new Kraken, TSG have the Piss-Pot helmet market sussed.

2015 sees many new models and designs including the Trailfox helmet which has been designed from the ground up to be a fantastic fitting and looking trail helmet that offers excellent safety.

The new range of Full Face helmets has been received extremely well by the cycling media and there are models to suit all pockets. The new Carbon Advance firmly establishes TSG as a credible player in the high-end full face helmet market. Fantastic shape, comfort, looks and performance all backed up with safety certification.

For 2015 TSG have again pushed the boundaries and have worked with some of the world's best graphic artists around to create a truly stunning collection of helmets - there is a design to suit everyone!

As well as market-leading helmets TSG have produced a stunning range of protective pads. Every pad has been designed with safety at the forefront as well as comfort, fit and looks.

All of TSG's 2015 high-end pads now utilise the industry leading D3O padding making them even better performing. All TSG pads come with the highest safety certification (as do their helmets). The enduro-specific Boulder knee/shin and Elbow pads have to be seen.

There are many more fantastic pads and gloves available so come along and be given a guided tour of the range.

TSG have also produced a nice range of trail clothing (jerseys, pants, gloves, jackets and shorts) which is definately worth checking out.

Ison are exclusive TSG distributors and also carry TSG Snow and Skate products.


Vincero Design

After the successful launch of the Edge 16 mount and Stratus Bottle system, Vincero have continued to develop and design new and improved versions of their system.

A new cap was delivered and now you can bite the mouthpiece as per convention but you can also unscrew it and properly clean it after it has become full of your favourite energy gunk.

Several other new developments are due in early 2015 so keep you eye on Vincero Design.

Come and have a play at Core you'll be amazed.

Whisky Parts Co

We’re people who live to ride, whose job it is
to make riding even more enjoyable. How
Cool is that? That’s one reason why we set
out to make the hardest working carbon parts
on the planet. BUT OUR COMMITMENT
We stand for making parts as tough as the
riders who use them.

abuse that only core riders know how to
inflict: getting blasted by gravel road
shrapnel. Or being tossed in the back of a
rusty pickup truck bed next to a metal tub
filled with the post ride beer packed on ice.


Click here for a corebike show floorplan* (subject to change).

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